Transition from Google Reader to Feedly to Tiny Tiny RSS (via Google Reader)

As Google Reader tells me since a few months, “Reader will not be available after July 1, 2013. Please be sure to back up your data.”, I looked for a new solution to read all my feeds. After a googling for a second, I thought to have found the solution: Feedly.

I was happy with Feedly until I saw a tweet mentioning Tiny Tiny RSS as alternative to Google Reader. So I downloaded and installed Tiny Tiny RSS on my own server. Installation procedure went easy, but how to get in all my feeds…

As Feedly provides any export functionality, I had to export my feeds from Google Reader and to add manually feeds added since the transition from Google Reader to Feedly. To import to Tiny Tiny RSS you need to activate the plugin “googlereaderimport” to import starred items and “import_export” to import all other feeds.

On my Samsung Galaxy S3, I have installed the Tiny Tiny RSS app. Its a great app that do exactly what I want, and it is also possible to take unread feeds offline.

To conclude, there is one main reason to use Tiny Tiny RSS in favor of Feedly, namely the data sovereignty (“Datenhoheit”). It is as more important to me as you are not even able to export your data from Feedly.

Happy RSSeading!

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