Organizing life with Samsung Galaxy S3

My life is organized as following:

A) I have dates/appointments.
B) I have todos.
C) I take notes.
D) I have contacts.
E) I save bookmarks.
F) I share files.

I want all this to have in sync on all my devices, i.e. currently on my

  • [MBP] MacBook Pro (OS X 10.8)
  • [S3] Samsung Galaxy S3 (Android OS 4.1.2)
  • [iPod] iPod Touch 4th Generation (iOS 6).

I have the following cloud based solutions for…

I have owncloud installed on my own server. The apps I use are iCal (MBP), S Planner (S3) and Calendar (iPod). Together with the S Planner I have installed CalDAV-sync beta to work with owncloud via CalDAV protocol.

Astrid is great for todo lists. I use the Astrid app (iPod, S3) and the web app (MBP).

Gnotes is a powerfull and easy to use service to take notes. The Android app (S3) is really great and a little more powerful than the iOS app (iPod). The web app (MBP) is also a bit restricted, but easy to use.

For contacts I use Contacts (MBP, iPod, S3). To sync with owncloud I use CardDAV-sync beta.

This service is great to save and share bookmarks across all my devices. On iOS there is the bitly app (iPod) and on the other devices I use the (mobile optimized) web app (MBP, S3).

Dropbox is essential for file sharing across devices and for uploading photos taken by S3. On the mobile devices (S3, iPod) I use the dropbox app and on the desktop (MBP) the app as well as the web app (MBP).



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